Triple-Glazed Wooden Windows

Triple Glazing

We manufacture and install triple-glazed wooden windows (Accoya timber). Given the high cost of domestic energy today, investing in triple-glazing should be seriously considered. Triple-glazed units also provide additional insulation, an extra layer of security, and another buffer against outside noise. 

Triple-Glazed Window Specification

  • PLANITHERM® ONE T GLASS (a low-E glass offering the lowest centre pane U-value).
  • We use glass with a 4(16)4(16)4 composition in mm (unless the size of the unit requires a thicker glass composition.
  • Glass Toughened as standard.
  • Argon-filled Glass.
  • Frames and Sashes manufactured in Accoya wood.
  • Our windows are pre-finished with quality Sikkens paint.
  • We can manufacture top-hung casement sashes of up to 180 kg and side-hung sashes of up to 55 kg.
  • Dual seals and internal rebates ensure a flush and stormproof seal.
  • Our windows are designed with a 76 mm frame to ensure they can directly replace existing UPVC windows.