Three Sash Window Bay – North Yorkshire

Chair in Front of bay containing three sash windows
Upgraded Sash Windows

We recently upgraded and double glazed the sash windows at the above property in North Yorkshire.  The new sashes were manufactured in Accoya® and coupled with 18mm Planitherm double-glazed units to improve thermal insulation.  The old sash cords and weights were replaced with a modern spiral balance system to offset the additional weight of the 18mm double-glazed units. We also fitted seals and brushes to the window frames, jambs and meeting rails in order to further reduce heat loss.

The windows were painted during the manufacturing process in our own spray-painting facility. Paint is essential to protect new wood and spray painting is cost-effective during manufacture.  It makes good economic sense to have windows manufactured, painted, sealed and finished by just one company.

The ‘Yorkshire Light’ Sash Window

A diagram of a Yorkshire sash window,
Yorkshire Light Diagram

The ‘Yorkshire Light’ is most probably the oldest design of sliding  sash window.  It is a simple window: one section slides horizontally and there is no mechanism to assist movement.

The horizontal-sliding sash window can be subject to water ingress and draught problems.  So, we manufacture replacement windows with a number of modifications in order to make our windows more resistant to water ingress and less draughty.  We also recommend using Accoya® when we manufacture new windows because of its proven longevity and stability.