Front Door in Accoya

A new bespoke external front door manufactured in Accoya by Ryedale Joinery .
Bespoke External Door

The above photograph shows a made-to-measure front door we manufactured and installed for a customer in North Yorkshire.  We used Accoya timber for both the door and frame.  The glass panels are double-glazed with quality gas-filled sealed units.  Sealant strips and brushes are fitted to the door in order to minimize heat loss and provide comfort for the occupants.  The door was spray painted in a Farrow & Ball colour at our own painting facility during the manufacturing process.  We use traditional methods to craft doors and can replicate any Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian style to match the original doors in any period property or listed building.

Door and Door Frame with Stained Glass Panels

Custom made front door, manufactured in Accoya®.
Bespoke Front Door

This is an external front door and door frame we recently manufactured, using Accoya® timber, for a customer in North Yorkshire.  The door and frame contain ten stained-glass panels that were provided by the customer’s own supplier.  We used traditional mortise and tenon joints to ensure maximum strength and durability.

We can reproduce any period or antique door to meet a customer’s exact specification.  Choose your colours and we spray your doors in our own in-house paint spraying facility.