York Sash Window Specialists

Our window installation teams cover an area stretching from the AI to the east coast, but most of our work is in York and the city’s neighbourhoods.  We are Sash Window Specialists, a discipline that is well suited to York – an area containing a considerable number of period and historical properties. Replacement and restoration of sash windows in York is a fundamental aspect of our business.

Wooden Windows and Doors

We manufacture all the wooden windows and doors fitted by our installation teams.  Our business model ensures we are responsible for quality control throughout a process that starts with raw timber and ends with the final product(s) installed in our customer’s property. 

Accoya Durable and Sustainable Timber

We always recommend Accoya wood to our customers. Accoya is an extremely durable timber, guaranteed for an incredible 50 years when used above ground, so it is ideal for replacing period and historical wooden windows and doors. We have a short video regarding Accoya on our website, or if you want more information click on this link to the Accoya website.