Sash Window Refurbishment

Upgraded and double-glazed wooden sash windows
Georgian Sash Windows

Old sash windows are sometimes troublesome.   Years of neglect and inadequate maintenance can create many problems – the most common are sticking, rattling, snapped sash cords, rotten wood and draughts.

We provide a sash window refurbishment service: so don’t assume you need to invest in completely new windows – your windows could be saved. We regularly refurbish sash windows that appear (to the untrained eye) beyond economical repair. Timber sash windows are an old technology.  The sliding sash evolved long ago when manufactured products were usually repairable.  If your window frame is sound, we can manufacture two new sliding sashes, replace your old sash cords, and adjust your sash weights.

Free Written Quotations

Sash window close-up photograph
Beautiful Sash Windows

We would be pleased to inspect your windows (free-of-charge) and provide you with a written quotation. Refurbishment can save you money when compared with the cost of purchasing completely new windows.