Window and Door Spraying

A man dressed in a painting overall spraying white paint.
Painting and Spraying Windows

Exterior and Interior Painting

We have a spray-painting facility which provides us with the ability to paint windows, doors and any other wooden products as part of our single integrated manufacturing process. Paint is an essential element to protect new wood. Spray painting is a cost-effective method to apply paint and safeguard your investment.  It makes especially good sense to have windows fully painted, sealed and finished at the time of fitting.

Tins of paint with various coloured lids.
Spray Painting Sash Window Upgrades

We can also provide different paint finishes on the exterior and interior sides of your windows.  So you can have the inside painted in a colour of your choice to match the existing paintwork in your rooms. In most instances, we would achieve these individually tailored solutions by spray painting the exterior side and hand painting the interior side.

We only obtain paint from manufacturers who commit to quality and best practice.