Wood (timber) Double Doors

Double Doors in Accoya Timber

We manufactured and fitted the double doors in the above photograph. Accoya timber was used throughout because of its extreme durability. We have a short video on our website, which explains all the benefits of Accoya. We spray painted the doors during our integrated manufacturing process. Painting wooden products (during manufacture) makes so much sense because the exposed wood is sealed and weather-protected prior when we finish the installation. There is no need to wait for the next dry day to paint external woodwork with Ryedale Joinery products – a considerable benefit, given Britain’s cool wet winters and warm wet summers.

Sash Window Upgrades

Bay Window with Double-Glazed Sashes

The image above shows a timber bay window that we manufactured and fitted for a customer in North Yorkshire. The bay contains six double-glazed sashes. We receive lots of enquiries regarding our sash-window, double-glazing upgrades during the colder months. You can keep the traditional look of your home and improve its thermal efficiency by upgrading your windows. Fitting energy efficient double-glazed units is a recognised means of reducing energy bills and external noise. We use Accoya® timber when manufacturing wooden windows because of its guaranteed longevity and green credentials. You can learn more about Accoya® by watching the short video on our website.

Double Glazing: Wood Windows

Photo of a double-glazed wooden window, manufactured by Ryedale Joinery Ltd.
Double Glazed Wood Window

The above image shows a section of a bow window we manufactured and double glazed for a customer on the North Yorkshire coast. The majority of our customers specify timber windows because they want to retain the traditional character of their properties – but they also want the considerable benefits of double-glazed windows. We can manufacture most types of timber window to take quality double-glazed units and offer a complete sash window upgrade package (for vertical sliding sashes).

Eco Friendly Products

We manufactured the double doors and windows frame set (above) in order to provide our customer with a floor-to-ceiling double-glazed area, which floods natural light into the property whilst simultaneously reducing heat loss from within. All of the woodwork was fabricated with Accoya® timber. The glass units are PLANITHERM Total+ – a high-performance glass that is optimised in order to help windows achieve the highest Window Energy Ratings (WERs).

We care about the environment and that is one of the reasons we use Accoya® when manufacturing our products. ‘Accoya is a modified timber which has been through a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology that enables it to resist rot, defy the elements, and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater, its performance and properties are remarkable’. See our video to learn more about Accoya ® and understand why Accoya window frames can be carbon negative over the full life cycle. ‘Accoya is wood without compromise yet one hundred percent environmentally friendly’.

Sash Window Upgrades (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

The sash window upgrade is our flagship product. The following list of questions and answers will provide you with an understanding of the product and the process.

Q.  What is a sash window upgrade?

A.  We manufacture new wooden sashes and fit them with Planitherm Total glazed units.  The new sashes are designed to fit into your existing window frame.  This makes a considerable improvement to the window’s thermal and acoustic properties.

Q.  Can my existing window frame be replaced during the upgrade process?

A.  Yes, we can manufacture and fit a new window frame, if you want us to do so.  However, we normally only replace frames when it is necessary to do so.  You can rest assured that your existing window frame will be thoroughly checked and repaired, as is appropriate.

Q.  Do upgraded sash windows look like traditional sash windows?

A.  Yes, we replace the glazing bar positions in order to ensure the window’s traditional look and style is maintained.

Q.  What type of wood do you use when manufacturing new sashes?

A.  We use Accoya® because it has outstanding durability and is guaranteed for 50 years when used above ground.  Please take time to watch the Accoya video on our website.  It explains why the timber has such long-lasting qualities.

Q.  Will the existing sash weights be sufficient to counterbalance the Planitherm Total glazed units?

A.  No, upgraded sash windows are much heavier.  We usually fit spiral balances to counterbalance the additional weight.  However, we can fit heavier lead weights if a customer prefers to retain the traditional mechanism.

Q.  Are upgraded sash windows fitted with draught excluders?

A.  Yes, we fit draught excluding staff and parting beads as standard.

Q.  Do you paint your sash windows?

A.  Yes, we have a spray-painting facility at our workshop.  So, you can have your new sash windows finished in any (RAL) colour you choose.

Q.  Do you use external contractors to fit your upgraded sash windows?

A.  No, we use our own staff.  Our approach to quality is based on us controlling the process from start to finish.