An image of a bespoke Bow Window in Accoya timber to illustrate the quality of Ryedale Joinery's work.
Bespoke Bow Window in Accoya Timber

Timber Windows

Wood windows add character, appeal and value to a property.  We believe that a traditional looking building with timber windows looks far more appealing than one with plastic or aluminium windows.

We paint timber windows in the exact colours specified by our customers.   Owners of wooden windows are at an advantage, given they can change their paintwork to reflect new trends and internal redecoration.  Wood helps to reduce noise and is a repairable material.

Sash, Casement, and French Windows

We manufacture wood windows in any style.  This includes french windows, casement (side or top hung), pivot, tilt & turn, sliding sash, cottage and Georgian bar.  We also provide a complete upgrade and package for timber sash windows.

Accoya® – Durability, Stability and Beauty

An image advertising Accoya® high performance wood.
Accoya® timber

We usually recommend Accoya® for new windows.  Accoya is the world’s leading high technology long life wood. The Accoya wood production process takes sustainably sourced, fast growing softwood and enhances nature, creating a modified wood that matches or exceeds the durability, stability and beauty of the very best tropical hardwoods.  Accoya has a 50 year life when used above ground.  Watch our video about the benefits of Accoya.